Understand what's happening, even in the world's most challenging environments


 Our team has extensive experience operating in the most challenging countries in the world. We leverage this experience to help our clients understand what’s actually happening on the ground, even in environments where timely data can otherwise be difficult or impossible to find. We have the capacity to work in almost any country in the world. To date, our engagements have included data collection in: Afghanistan, Brazil, China, India, Nigeria, Russia, Syria, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe.

We deliver the answers you need, when you need them


We work with development agencies, foundations and hedge funds seeking new ways to improve their decision-making in developing countries and emerging markets. We collect proprietary, real-time survey data, including public sentiment, consumer, economic and political data. This allows us to track the views, behaviors and plans of people on the ground. Our team of Ph.D.s, including in political science and economics, combine these survey data with predictive analytics to deliver unique insights in real time.